Starbucks Mobile App & Features

As you already know, Starbuck Corporation is one of the most popular and second most valuable fast food and coffee stores all around the world. The company first launched a mobile phone app in 2011. The app had almost more than 24 million monthly users in the United States of America. Starbucks Mobile app gives you many useful features, which makes this app the world’s number one fast food brand.

Starbucks Coffee Company is the developer and the publisher of this incredible Starbucks App. The app is downloaded by more than ten million-plus users from all around the world. The app gives us many valuable features such as order Ahead, Customize Your Order, Order Pick-Up, Pay in Store, Earn Stars, and many more like this.

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Starbucks Mobile App Features:

Starbucks Mobile App gives us many advanced and useful features. A detailed overview of these features is given below.

Starbucks Mobile App

User-Friendly Design:

The reason why Starbucks Mobile App became one of the most popular restaurant mobile applications is only because of its user-friendly design and advanced user features. The app design is soo reliable, beautiful, and easy to use. You didn’t face any types of issues while using this app for online ordering, paying, or tracking your order. But in case you face any issues, you are also allowed to use the company helpline or in-app support system. The support system is available to your 24/7; the support member resolves your problem very quickly, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Starbucks App menu also plays an important role. The reason why people attract to the Starbuck app is because of its hungry and delicious menu. When you first open this app, you’ll see those items which make you so hungry and fill your mouth full of water. In the menu, the app uses HD quality and is full of mouth-watering pictures. The Starbuck App menu is fully customized and informative. The app gives you two types of categories with item photos, titles, and descriptions. You will also see a search option and the app also allows you to customize your order before buying.

Order Pick-Up Functionality:

The Starbucks Mobile App also gives you a free Order feature which solves lots of issues and problems. Like you don’t have to wait too long for your order or during rush hours; you will quickly get your order pre-ready because of these features. But make sure to customize your order properly the same way you do in a restaurant, so you don’t feel any difference in your final order. So download the Starbuck app now and enjoy all these useful features for free.

Push Notifications:

The app also allows you to enable push notification features. The feature helps you to track your order through notifications and get other useful information like new deals, mega offers, loyalty programs, and some other essential notifications as well. You only need to enable the Starbuck app notification from your mobile settings and in-app settings.

Engaging Loyalty Programs:

The app also gives its user engaging and useful loyalty programs. Which will helps you to earn stars and points. After collecting your points, you are also allowed to spend your points on food, gifts, and merchandise. You are also allowed to send gift cards to your friend with the help of these points.

Makes Online Ordering & Paying Easy:

Starbucks Mobile app also makes your online ordering and paying very easy and simple. With the help of this online ordering system, you can easily skip the line in the restaurant and get your order instantly. The app offers many payment methods, so you can easily pay for your order without facing any issues.

Send a Gift Card:

In the Starbucks Mobile app, you are also allowed to send a wide range of gift cards to your friend via email. Like you are allowed to transfer any amount between 5 dollars to 100 dollars with any message your want. The gift card sending process is very easy and simple, and also it doesn’t take too much time. So if you want more useful features like this, I will recommend you to download this incredible app now from our website.

Order Tracker:

Just like other restaurant mobile apps, the Starbucks App also allows you to track your online order. This feature helps you to track your order status and receive text alerts through this app. Besides this, if you are going to make your own restaurant mobile app, I will recommend you add this feature to your app if you want to increase your sales and customer trust.


How to contact the helpline of Starbucks?

There are several ways to contact the helpline of Starbucks. At first method, you can easily find the helpline number of Starbuck on their website according to your country location. Besides this, you can also find other contact information about Starbucks from their website contact us page.

How can you order online from Starbucks?

You can easily place your order through the Starbucks app or their website. You only need to select your desired order from the menu and then place an order.

What is the minimum age to work at Starbucks?

You have to be 16 years old to work at Starbucks. 

What are the sizes of Starbucks drinks?

Starbucks drinks come in five sizes: Short, Tall, Grande, Hot, and Cold.

Is there any Starbucks Mobile App available?

Yes, the company also gives us a mobile phone, from where you can easily place your order. The app also offers you an order pick-up feature, which allows you to place your order before reaching their store.

How many features the Starbucks Mobile App gives us?

Starbuck mobile app gives us many advanced features such as an Order pick-up option, Menu, User-Friendly design, Push Notification, Loyalty Programs, Order Tracker, and many more like this.